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01 – Initial Brief & Permissions

From the first phone call, we will begin to collaborate with you to ascertain your requirements and how to safely complete the fights you require.
It is a requirement of the CAA Permission that, as a PfCO Approved Commercial Drone Operator, we must obtain Written and Signed Permission of the Land-Owner before flying from their land, and we must conduct a study for safe intended operations.

02 – Arrival & Onsite Brief

We must perform a detailed Pre-Site Survey and we must conduct a full Risk Assessment for the purposes of Health and Safety Compliance. This is to mitigate as many factors as possible which might prevent the safe and legal operation of our Drones whilst capturing your aerial images/video.

03 – Setup & Photographs/Filming

Aerial plans and strategies can then be formed to best assess how the drones can be used to film, photograph, map or survey your project.

04 – Review/Edit/Transfer of Photos/Video

Once were happy with all the photos/video we have taken, our next task is to go back to the office/studio to process, edit and download either to USB flashdrive, email, Webspace/FTP or even print out on professional photo paper.